Cowon iAudio E2 4 GB MP3 Player

Cowon iAudio E2 4 GB MP3 Player

Cowon iAudio E2 4 GB Mp3 player is one which is within everyone's budget, and is very good even though the brand isn't that famous as apple’s and sony's etc.

The mp3 consist of few button like Power, Menu, Vol+, Vol-, FF, Rew. The mp3 player ranges anywhere in between 2999-3500/- The storage capacity is 4GB where in approximately 500 songs can be stored and that’s a pretty descent no.

Navigation - Navigation itself is one of the most important quality that a mp3 player should have as tracking down the files become difficult and at times irritating. But the navigation to and fro becomes very easy and comfortable and tracking down isn’t difficult too.

Usage convenience - Navigation and usage convenience go hand in hand and is very simple, inspite having no display it helps the user to browse through songs easily. To start for the first week it might be a bit tough to handle and operate but once all the function and features are well known it becomes easy.

Sound quality - Never heard the brand name, i always thought that the sound quality won’t be that great, and won’t stand firm in front of brands such as apple, sony etc. but to my surprise the sound quality was awesome and unbelievable. There are multiple sound level and can be set accordingly, and the loudest volume is really very very loud, and not only the quantity but the quality is also awesome.

The only bad thing that i found about cowan mp3 was that the head phone quality isn't that good, but i would request you to buy apple or sony headphones and use them rather then using the default ones.

Reliability - Have been using this one since past 3 years and still it going good, but the sound quality has degraded a bit and the mp3 operates a bit slow, but it is expected that electronic goods see a degradation after a particular period.
Highly reliable this mp3 player is as i have dropped it nearly 3-4 times but its still going good.

Value for money - It truly very good mp3 player, and i would prefer cowan after apple. Cowan itself will have a good grip in few years. A brand that will capture the market, and i am looking forward for goods on cowan.

The experience till now has been very good and a product that i am really satisfied with, and hope this mp3 player survives for 2-3 years more.

The playback is 10 hours and its pretty descent, with USB based charging.
This model is extremely portable, and voice guided menu interface that helps user to quickly switch between sound enhancements and turn ON/OFF shuffle.

The battery charging is a bit of a disadvantage.
Charging takes around 1 hour 30 mins to completely charge which is poor as compared to sony as charging in sony takes place very fast, and one advantage owning this model is that the volume level is locked to medium level whenever the music is being played so it prevents from sudden spike of volume which can discomfort the user.

Conclusion -If your budget is anywhere around 2,550-3,500/- then go ahead and don’t worry about anything else, this one is totally worth for it!!!!! In short its a killer of a device.